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Box naranja is an agency specializing in creative design and production for event and brand actions.

Are you looking for a supplies facility for events?

We offer turnkey project, we discharging all the activities "not strategic".
We offer a wide range of services from creativity and design to production and assembly, throug the setting, promotion and customers interaction management, task force and equipment. We also design, build and manage all kinds of items for trade shows, conferences, exhibitions generally any type of event in which a brand and interaction with customers is the key factor.

We have a large experience, we have a team with a record of over 15 years in the industry, working in all kinds of venues - exhibition centers, conferences centers, hotels..- with turnkey projects , we discharging all the activities "not strategic",becoming us in a real facility supplier.


Principe de Vergara 109 – 2ª Planta
28002 Madrid, Spain
+34 91 185 31 35 / +34 646 958 222